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Hi everyone.

This is totally weird. I'm actually blogging? My previous post was from, oh let me just see - June 3. What happened?


Summer happened
Vacation happened
3 little, stubborn boys happened
No place to scrapbook happened
Redecorating the house happened (I'll come back to this one..)
Tiredness happened
Illness happened

And so much more.

I haven't scrapbooked once this summer. Still to this very day, nothing. And the sad thing is that I didn't even miss it.

So, I hope this project of mine, that I've been working on these last few days, will solve all my scrapbooking problems...



The shelves I got from my brother, and I painted it white only once to keep that vintage look on it. My brother also installed those cute lights.

This is how it looks right now. Sadly (or maybe not) I still need more shelves for all my stuff, but I can take care of that later. Right now I'm just so glad to have this all to myself.

This is where I'm supposed to be creative from now on. Let's hope so. The desk is from Ikea. I just love it! More than enought space for all the cluster I leave behind after a layout.

Loves flowers! <3

Absolutely adore this clothes hanger. I have many of them, and the plan is to make some of them white or black.

Using what I have in this room...

So, what do you think?
I would love to hear some ideas. For instance, what to do with my patterned paper and cardstock?

And thanks to everyone who read my blog, and leave me comments. I so appreciate it. <3

I hope my next post will contain a new layout or two. If not, I can always show you the pictures from our trip to Crete in Greece this summer.

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